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Cingoli, Il Balcone delle Marche

Cingoli, Il Balcone delle Marche

Cingoli was built on the summit of mount “Cingulum” from which it received its name. Due to its elevated position and views across the marche countryside it has also been named the “Balcone delle Marche” (Balcony of Le Marche).

From the panoramic terraces of the medieval walls, it is possible to see across the whole of Le Marche towards the Adriatic coastline and Mont Conero where the locals enjoy spending the summer on the multitude of beaches.

On a clear day, it is also possible to see the mountains of Croatia on the far side of the Adriatic. The climate is very hard in the winter but the summer season favours a welcomed cool breeze from the mountains, making it very appealing to tourists.

In the region there are many interesting features that can be explored either on foot, by car or even by horseback. Some of the features on offer are:

• 4.500 hectares of working woodland with many paths for walking and cycling.
• Along the many paths you can enjoy many of the spectacular views and savour the aromas of the wild herbs and flowers.
• One notable point of interest is the Cingoli Lake. This is the largest manmade lake in the center of italy - a place of tranquility where you can spend your time at leisure.

Thanks to the long history, elevated position and its climate, Cingoli has established itself as an important part of regional tourism.

The comune of Cingoli in total covers some 148 Km2 and a growing population of some 11,000 residents.

The city is very accessible from the main centers and the Adriatic coast for directions see here.

Cingoli,Panoramic Views

Lago di Cingoli

Panoramic Views

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