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Chiave In Mano

"Keys In Hand"


If you have decided to transport your life to Le Marche, it is without a doubt because you appreciate the spectacular scenery, the tranquillity, the food, the wines and all of the marvels of time gone by… …. …  no more fighting with the frenzy of the city or the rainy and often dull climate…. You want to enjoy a piece of the Dolce Vita.

Now that you have decided to renovate or reconstruct the house of your dreams, why not have your dream fulfilled without experiencing the bureaucratic difficulties which can be encountered when language and culture are unfamiliar.

stress free


Why immerse yourself in the technicalities of relocation to this picturesque corner of Italy? Instead leave your worries with Marche-Casa, a reputable organisation who know how to take you through this transition without all the stress and complexities normally associated with such a move.

We will implement all of your design and functionality requests and will guide you seamlessly through the process dealing with all of the regulations and associated litigation on your behalf.

We will be at your side for all of the bureaucratic necessities such as the purchase of your house, assistance with any mortgages or financing and we will prepare all of the documentation required by the various Italian authorities.


From the initial purchase of land to the effective creation of your finished home, we can advise on all planning and design issues, arrange for local companies to supply the necessary materials, provide detailed translated quotations and create 3-D images of your project.

In addition, we can project manage the entire process including the arrangement of all utilities and services (water, electricity, gas, telephone etc..)  taking care of all of the issues you are likely to encounter leaving you with the necessary time to sort out any personal itinieries.

  • Professional
  • Timely
  • Transparent

This is Marche-Casa.

Project Management / Quotations

We offer the advice of expert engineers, geometra’s and other technical experts to ensure that the plans and quotations fit your requirements both for now and the future.  

Through translated quotations and detailed explanations of the plans, you will easily be able to visualise all aspects of the project.   

The estimates we provide will cover all the aspects required to finish your project without any hidden costs.  


We have solid relationships established with our suppliers from which we leverage to ensure that all materials and techniques used are always the best that technology can offer.  We also offer the construction of Bio-Builds.  For more information click here.

Fixtures and Fittings

Internal design

Through strong working relationships with local plumbers, electricians, tilers, carpenters etc, you can save a considerable amount of time and effort in finding the finishing touches to your home. We have relationships through which you can leverage higher discounts and save money on repeated journeys to source internal fixtures and fittings.

When the house is finshed, you will also want to create a tranquil and serene environment on the outside which is part of life in Italy. We work with specialised companies for landscaping and maintenance in addition to swimming pool construction and design.


flower design

In collaboration with a team of engineers and design professionals, you will be able to see your ideas transformed on paper and graphically in 3-D therefore enabling you to interpret your house from both inside and out.

We have strong partnerships with many famous names in the area that can help find both furniture and style accessories to finish your dream home.